Philips QT4000 Beard Trimmer

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* 1 Year Service Warranty
* Material: steel blades
* Product : Trimmer


French beard, goatee or ducktail, sport any style the way it has to be - the Philips QT4000 trimmer is just what you need! This sleek trimmer features 1-10mm lock-in length settings to customize your style easily - just turn the wheel to choose the desired setting. Featuring rounded tips, it helps you get the perfect style while allowing you to enjoy smooth skin contact.
Designed with extra-sharp blades, this trimmer delivers clean and precise cuts while keeping skin irritation at bay.
This stylish trimmer comes with an ergonomical design, so you can easily hold the device as you glide it through the contours of your face. From flat surfaces to hard-to-reach corners, this trimmer delivers a reliable performance for a clean shave. The trimmer’s head can be easily detached for easy cleaning after every use.
This trimmer is powered by an AAA size battery. The battery takes up to 10 hours for charging and can work for up to 35 minutes. A green light on the adapter indicates that the battery is charging.

    • 1 Year Service Warranty
    • Material: steel blades
    • Detacheable Head
    • 1 mm Precision
    • 45 mins Run Time
    • Select and Lock-in Length Settings
    • Rounded Tips
    • Ergonomic Design
    • Charging Indicator

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