About Us

Ruperhat Global Ltd. is a multipurpose  E-commerce website but now-a-days it especially focuses on be Electronics, Books, Cosmetics, Jewellery, Gifts Items, Products. 

It (http://www.ruperhat.com/) is souly committed to furnish you and your family’s outlook. Decoration of human with genuine & branded products is our motto; as the name goes. “Ruperhat” is a Bengali Word Where “RUP” means “your body outlook” and “Hat” means Bazaar. so this is an ultimate fashion shop equipped with various fashion related & fashionable products which requires to furnish your body.

Our founders started RH not only to make profit but also to add fuel to fashion fire of Bangladesh. Trendy People can find an easy way to update themselves with latest fashion.

We are decorating our website with the “products for everyone” from kids, adults, to old so that they can buy different types of beauty related products. but most of the products are for our dazzling youth generation (especially ladies).

YES! you can find our HQ in Dhaka. But we can reach at any corner of our beautiful Country (at the least cost, of course)!

So pick up your Smartphone; browse or make a call, we will be right in front of your door to add value to your beautification.